Introduction for Egg Recipients

Hello and welcome to The Egg Donation Center of Dallas, Inc. (EDCD). We are dedicated to serving you in your attempt to find your egg donor. We care enough to learn exactly what you're looking for in an egg donor. We do this with our "Recipient Preference Questionnaire". We also care enough to keep our fees low. In fact, you'll see that we are the lowest cost agency anywhere!

If our donor does not go to retrieval with you FOR ANY REASON, WE REFUND YOUR MONEY THAT HAS NOT BEEN USED! Many agencies will not do this!

  1. Before you contract for the donation services of your selected egg donor, you must be evaluated by a physician, and be ready to proceed with an egg donation procedure.

  2. In order to start your search for your egg donor, fill out a "Recipient Preference Questionnaire". You can do this easily on-line at our website at Once we receive this questionnaire, we will start sending you profiles of egg donors. There is no charge for this service.

  3. After you have selected one of our egg donors, and your doctor says that you are ready to proceed with an egg donation procedure, request a contract from EDCD for the donor's donation services.
Once the contracting is completed, your donor will undergo additional medical and psychological screening. Both of you will be placed on medication by your reproductive endocrinologist. You will be given medication to prepare your uterus. Your donor will be given medication to help her make more than just one egg that month. In a few days, when the donor eggs are mature, the eggs will be removed, donated to you, mixed with the biological father's sperm and observed in a laboratory for a few days. At the right point of development, the cells will be placed into your uterus, and hopefully, nine months later you will give birth to your precious child.

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