Fees Paid to Donors

As compensation for your time and inconvenience, you will receive a fee of up to $10,000.00 immediately following egg retrieval, provided you go through the egg retrieval process. This fee is paid regardless of the number or quality of eggs retrieved. If you need help with expenses, special arrangements can be made.

Procedure Amount Paid
I. Donor Fee
Donor Fees will be up to $10,000 for donations.This fee includes compensation for your expenses. (If cycle is cancelled after gonadotropin injections begin, but prior to retrieval, donor will be paid $500 "for services" plus any expenses,unless donor is in breach of contract.) Up to $10,000*
II. Cycle Cancellation Fee
A. Before initiation of gonadotropin injections $0
B. After initiation of gonadotropin injections
1. By no fault of donor $500.00
2. By donor's choice $0

Reimbursable Expenses

These are expenses directly related to your participation in a cycle such as: mileage, parking, tolls, prescriptions ordered by your physician, baby sitters, hotel, car rental and in some instances, meals.

They are reimbursable ONLY if:

  1. Your cycle is cancelled
  2. You are not in breach of contract
  3. Documenting receipts of expenses are provided to EDCD

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