I want an Application

Make sure you have read the Requirements for Donors web page first!!! This is extremely important. If you meet all the requirements, you may print out your application, fill it in and mail it back to us with at least 3 photographs, a copy of your SAT or ACT scores and a copy of your driver's license to:

1720 Avenue K
Plano, TEXAS 75074

I have read your "Requirements for Donors" web page and I meet all of your requirements.

1. I am between 19-29 years old.

2. I do not smoke. (I understand that my nicotine levels will be tested and may be cause for cycle cancellation and/or termiation of contract.)

3. I am not adopted.

4. I am not more than 30 pounds above my ideal weight.

5. My SAT score is 1100 or higher or my ACT score is 24 or higher. (I understand that written documentation from my COLLEGE (not high school) school registrar is required.)

6. I do not use recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines or "downers". (I understand that I will be drug tested and if tested positive this may be cause for cycle cancellation and/or termination of the contract.)

7. I understand that the FDA will not allow me to donate for ONE YEAR FOLLOWING A TATTOO OR A CHLAMYDIA INFECTION.

8. You must be willing and able to travel to a major city in Texas, Oklahoma or Arkansas. All travel expenses, including those of a traveling companion for your retrieval, will be paid for by your recipient couple.

In requesting this application print out, I verify under penalty of perjury pursuant to the laws in the particular state involved, that the statements above are true, accurate, and complete.

Click HERE to download it in PDF (Portable Document Format). If you require the viewer, click HERE to download it.

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